What’s In That BIG BOX?

Cat entertainment can be really affordable – my winter favorite is called the  BIG BOX.

To find this novelty, please stop by any grocery/drug store and ask for a BIG cardboard box, at least three feet wide.
When you bring it home, tip it sideways and open the flaps part way.
You see, I am curious by nature, and this provides a new space for me to explore.
A fortress to hide inside, a place to attack from, a different napping spot – boxes are so versatile!

Please cut a hole in the box side so that I can peek out, or perhaps slide a paw through and swipe at anything that passes by!

Two more features you can add to the BIG BOX that I simply adore:

1. Taping a piece of string to the side and dangling it over the opening
2. Rubbing cat-nip onto a toy and tossing it inside the box

Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is 1,000 times that of a human?
The smell of the box to me is exotic and interesting.
With one sniff I can identify what was inside and who handled the box.

Fascinating fact: “ The human nose has about 5 million olfactory receptors, microscopic proteins that allow us to detect odors.
With 45 million to 80 million receptors, cats have a far better sense of smell—but they can’t measure up to the average dog, whose snout holds between 149 million and 300 million receptors.”

So if I seem bored with my same old toys, grab a box or three the next time you are out shopping!
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