Dog Walking

Why Professional Dog Walking?

Walk Time
Do you work long hours or not close to home?

Does your partner work erratic hours which means some days there is someone home and some days there isn’t?

Is your fur baby crated and needs a leg stretch and some backyard play in the middle of the day?

Dog walking is the cornerstone of our business, and our goal is to meet your dogs specific needs and your concerns for their overall well being.

At Four Paws, the needs of your pets come first so we let them guide us ~ always.

We stay for as long as it takes to make your pet happy, secure and comfortable.

Our dog walkers will customize each outing according to your wishes.

Is it that your dog is full of energy, needs to lose weight, has arthritis and needs short walks?

Is your dog a squirrel chaser, aggressive towards other dogs, doesn’t like rainy days?

Whatever your needs are, Four Paws is your answer and you will come home to a happy dog.

We will discuss your dogs likes, dislikes and limitations.

All aspects of your dog’s personality will be discussed at the meet n’ greet.

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