300 Cats and Counting


A unique story lies behind why an Italian artist with goats would start a rescue for cats.
Siglinda Scarpa, grew up in Italy, rescuing cats whenever she could.
Her dream was to “have a place where even cats that were unadoptable could live in comfort, with the care, attention and love they deserve.
No cat would be refused due to age, illness or disposition.
The ultimate goal for each cat would be adoption into a loving home.
But the Refuge would be designed so that they could spend ample periods of time living comfortably, awaiting adoption.”

As the founder of The Goat House Refuge seven years ago, Siglinda uses her own acreage and previous pottery studio to house the cats.
The Refuge name refers to several goats living on her property and the Goathouse Pottery Studio in back
that are housed on the property.
There are approximately 300 cats at any given time, with kittens being housed in a self-contained “Kitty Cabana”.
They can roam the outdoor, fenced acreage or enter through a kitty-door into the main “Cat House”.
Sick cats, old cats (Grandma currently holds the record at 19 years of age!), cats awaiting surgery – these are cared for by volunteers and veterinarians that donate their services.

“Our goal is to connect every animal with a loving family who wants to share their life with a wonderful feline companion.
Typically, 10-20 cats are adopted every month from our facility.”
The Refuge visiting hours are from 12:00 to 3:00 pm every day of the year.
Volunteer staff answer questions about each cat’s personality, age and if it enjoys being around other cats/dogs or would be better as an “only child.”

Siglinda donates proceeds from her pottery and special line of coffee to care for the cats.
She is having a special 40% off Valentine’s Sale on Feb 15 and 16 from 11 am to 4 pm at her Goathouse Gallery.
Her famous cat mugs, heart-shaped plates, and sculptures will be on display.

If you are interested in visiting the Gallery, her address is: 680 Alton Alston Road, Pittsboro, NC.
Here is the event flyer.

If you would like to visit the pottery gallery, adopt a cat, or volunteer, please check out her website:  Goathouse Refuge

You just have to see it to believe it!!

Thanks so much to Nicole Beatty  one of our pet sitters for writing this article. You can find Nicole and her daughter volunteering at the Goathouse.