Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

Rose Closeup

The doorbell rang this morning and a delivery man brought something exciting into my house – a new plant!  How I do love all things green and leafy – can’t wait to destroy this one. Closing the door,  my owner cradled the plant like a baby and exclaimed “A dozen roses, oh honey you shouldn’t have!”

“The flowers are for mother’s day,  my sweetheart. Of course I should, and probably much more often ” he replied. After they were set on the table, I jumped up to investigate. My nose twitched with excitement, they smelled really good – like honey. I tried to get some of that heavenly scent on my fur and rubbed-up against them. OUCH! The deceptive rose has nasty pointy objects hidden on its stem. Those evil spikes impaled my beautiful fur and I wailed until mom came over.

“Oh Slider, what now!” Seeing the red drops of blood blooming in my fur, she brought over tweezers and told me I had just gotten a thorn in my side. I informed her that this new plant had to go, taking a swat at it a few moments later. “No Slider, look how you’ve knocked the Peach Petals off! Shoo!”

Later, as I lay glaring over at the new plant, my owner brought over a magazine FULL OF ROSES!  She tried to interest me in the horrid plant, and spoke about getting a bunch for the garden. I opened my mouth real wide, a giant yawn, to demonstrate my level of interest. “Now Slider, I know how you love learning. See, here is a diagram about  the meaning behind each color of rose. I was given the Peach plant variety.  Please try and find what out what this color means for me.” She continued to look at me expectantly, so I finally scanned the page. Eight different colors of roses, each with a description after it – curiously interesting:

Dark Pink: Appreciation and Gratitude
Light Pink: Admiration, Sympathy and Sweetness
Yellow: Friendship, New Beginnings, HappinessSlippity
Red: Love, Courage, Respect
White: Purity, Innocence
Peach: Appreciation and Sincerity
Lavender: Enchantment, Love at First Sight
Orange: Fascination, Desire

I weighed in on her Peach roses and the appreciation/sincerity they signified with a heartfelt “Meoooow.”

“Good old Slider. ” She smiled as if she understood.