Water: A Cat’s Friend or Foe?


Today the forecast is for rain… all day.

For us cats, that means severe depression, all-day napping, and dreams of somewhere dry – like the desert.

See, we don’t exactly hate water, we just don’t like getting wet!

If you have ever left a faucet running or dripping, then you know that our curiosity demands we investigate.

In fact, please take us into the bathroom as you get ready  – the shower is music to our ears.

We love to chase the water droplets down the glass!

Things we love about water:

1. Movement  –  It wiggles when we touch it, but doesn’t get away.

2. Freshness – One water feature that may interest us in drinking more often: the Flowing Pet Fountain!

It plugs into the wall and a small pump circulates water in a constant spinning motion that is fascinating to watch. For hours.  On the box it reads: “the fountain oxygenates the water supply and has a charcoal filter for removing stench and bad taste.” (For cats with more refined taste).cat.fountain

Myths about water: That all cats dislike it.

My wise owner was reading about wild cats and how they enjoy an occasional swim to cool down: “Some big cats in the wild, especially those in hot, arid areas, regularly swim and bathe to stay cool or catch dinner.

The Asian Fishing cat is a skilled swimmer, with partially webbed paws, that dives to nab its prey.”

You mean it goes UNDER the water? Disgusting!

I guarantee you that the Asian Fishing cat is not anywhere in my family tree.

I prefer my fish pre-caught and pre-packaged in a little tin can labeled: TUNA, in oil. (Better for my shiny coat).

So, it is still raining two hours later.

I opened one eye to lazily watch Animal Planet and they were comparing the far superior domesticated cat to the less particular wild cat.

Supposedly, the wild “Turkish Van cat actually delights in getting wet”. (Who got inside this cats head?)

“His ancestors did, too, plunging into lake waters to better cope with the extreme summer heat in the Lake Van region of Turkey, where the breed originated.

They have a unique texture to their cashmere-like coats that make them waterproof which lets them enjoy swimming and other water games.”

This sounded highly suspicious to me, so I checked The International Cat Association (TICA) website to verify a cat LIKING water and found out it was true!

Honestly, what is this world coming to? I believe cats should not swim, our paw-baths are good enough.

Water is not our friend.