The Price of a Pet

Doctor Veterinarian Listens A Dog
That dog cost us WHAT over the course of 10 years? This is the conversation I participated in with my husband, regarding our older dog and his ever increasing expenses. The man loves numbers, so he researched the average cost of not just initially acquiring a pet, but a breakdown of annual dollars spent on the pet, then common surgeries older pets may need and medication costs. WOW! See below, so you can make an educated decision before your loved one convinces you to add another pet to the household… Total cost during pets life: from $5,000 for a small dog/cat with a 13-15 yr lifespan – up to $22,000 for a large dog with a 7-9 -year lifespan! (Larger breeds are pron to hip dysplasia, blowing out knees, wobblers syndrome, and other costly surgeries).”The minimum annual cost of owning a medium-size dog is $695, while the first year alone will cost at least $1,580, according to animal welfare group ASPCA (initial shots, vaccines, getting it fixed, buying bedding and food). A cat would cost about the same annually, but about $500 less the first year” ASPCA. Of course, specific breeds require more care (Does your pet need monthly grooming for his fur? Doggie Day care because he is high energy or you are away all day?)

Adoption fees:

Public NC Animal shelter (SPCA, WCPSS) dog $95, Cat $45Most Pet Stores: $300 – $2500
Purebred show dogs: $650 – $1,500 ++Sleeping Cat
Purebred cats: $200 and up

Food: $300-500
Leash and Collar: $20
ID Tags: $10
Bowl/water dish/bed: $40
Vet Bills: $400
Vaccines :$120
Cleaning supplies (shampoo for dog and rugs if accidents): $20
Crate: $50 or carrying case for cats: $30
Flea Control: $200
Grooming/supplies: $100-400
Training: $200-450
Fence for yard: $750-1500
Litter Box: $25
Destruction of personal belongings: $200- priceless
Scratching post: $15
Boarding: $400
Dog: $200, Cat: $145

Several sites say that you can’t put a price on unconditional love from your pet, and while I agree with the sentiment, knowing your budget and how many pets you can afford, is important for a happy home!