Beware, Holiday Tips for Pets

Christmas Dog And Kittens.Last year, my best friend had to spend Christmas Eve in a crowded pet hospital while her pet was sliced open and a long ribbon removed from its stomach. The wait for services was long, and her vet warned her that from Thanksgiving through the New Year, the number of  Emergency room visits for pets triples.

With all the chaos of visiting family, friends, ribbons and boxes – holidays hold many wonders and temptations for family pets! Below is a top-ten list of things to watch-out for when going about your festivities:

1. Do not tie anything around your pets neck that can choke and strangle them, try a pet-tested vest or fancy collar instead
2. Ribbons/Tinsel can cause intestinal damage as it twists and bunches inside your pet’s intestines
3. Plastic bags can suffocate a pet quickly, make sure to put them in recycling
4. Pine trees can and will topple over as your house-cat/panther attempts to climb them. Be sure to anchor them well, if possible place in a corner for more support
5. Rich dairy is not good for pets  avoid the old wive’s tales of cats & cream
6. Poultry bones & fat trimmings may cause intestinal issues or pancreatitis
7. Don’t let Fido drink liqueur – their livers are not equipped to process it and a “little” bit to us is a whopping big drink to them
8. Keep glass ornaments and breakable figurines up high, out of sight and reach
9. Keep these plants up high away from pets:
a. Mistletoe berries are highly toxic, can cause stomach upset and has the potential to cause fatal heart problems
b. Holly can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and lethargy
c. Poinsettias are known to cause diarrhea and vomiting
10. Electrical cords should be hidden under rugs or tape, or sprayed with Bitter Apple to deter chewing/playing with them