My Dog is Destructive, Help!


Destructive behavior comes in many forms, from chewing a plant to total destruction of a room. It is one of the leading causes of overcrowded animal shelters.

Try to determine why your dog is being destructive

  • Boredom is the number one cause of destructive behavior. Many suburban dogs lack the opportunities to explore and socialize
  • Young dogs will frequently chew due to teething. They don’t know the difference between an expensive piece of furniture and any other piece of wood.
  • Playing tug of war excessively with an excitable dog or with a breed which has a tendency to hang onto things (ie. Terriers) will make a dog much more likely to play tug of war with household curtains, rugs, etc!
  • Walk your dog at least once per day, even if you have a fenced area
  • Exercise your dog off-lead whenever possible in a safe area, or use a long lead
  • Try to go to different places with your dog to allow for variety and a opportunity to explore
  • Train your dog regularly to give him/her work to do
  • Allow your dog regular contact with other dogs to allow him/her social interaction with peers
  • Play with your dog regularly and spend quality time with him/her
  • If you work long hours, consider having a pet sitter or neighbor come over to play with your dog
  • Provide lots of mental stimulation via exercise, toys, and social opportunities
  • Consider putting in a dog door
  • Consider leaving a radio or television on
  • Think about getting a companion dog or cat if you have a single dog household.

Prevention and Cure

Remember that dogs are social and emotional beings.

They need stimulation and opportunities to interact with other animals and people.

If you provide activities for your dog, you will keep them so busy that they will have less time or inclination to exhibit destructive behavior.

If you work long hours, consider hiring a professional dog walker. This will really help with breaking up the boredom for your pup and give him much needed exercise.

Make sure your are using a company that is reliable, bonded and insured.