“Satisfies Your Cats Natural Craving For Grass.” – Cat Grass

Cat eat grass

Hmm, that’s what the plastic bag says.

I clawed open the top and saw what looked like rice puffs inside. Meowing in disdain, my mom  heard the racket and came over to see what I’d gotten into.
“Oh, for once it is something you CAN eat, the Cat Grass.”

She explained the seeds are hidden inside the granules and she needed to add water before the grass would sprout.

How long do I have to wait? I wondered. Patience is not this cat’s virtue.

“It looks like 3 days until sprouts and then a week until the grass is edible”, she continued to read.

Drat! I can’t wait that long. My furballs are due to come up soon and my tummy hurts.

Each  morning I water the grass with my mom, just like you would a flower.

If we had any left -they are so tasty – I believe the last bloom was munched by me yesterday.

The bag of sprouts sits on my window ledge.

I brush against the curtain, creating a little less direct sunlight.

Maybe if I just stare at the bag long enough, it will encourage the sprouts to shoot up.

You know, love makes things grow. I do so looooove to eat plants. Grass.

Anything green in the house is mine for the munching.

Finally, on day eight a full 2 inches of lush cat grass is growing!

Mom transplants it to a big pot sitting on the floor and I now have my own houseplant.

I went on-line to see when to harvest the leaves and it said:
“When the plant reaches eight inches.

You can take leaves throughout the summer and dry them in the oven or a dehydrator.

Pinch back flowers as they appear to stimulate leaf growth.” – the herb gardener.

Then, dry them out in an airtight bag and dole out to your cat liberally!

I learned that the toy-grade catnip in my mouse is leftover after the best leaves go to the medicinal and tea market.

So, I am  now a gardener of my own quality catnip- and it tastes so much better fresh!