Moving on UP!

Persian cat

Literally, onto a third floor apartment!

We are moving into an apartment because my owner decided the house was a money pit, and though I will miss my neighborhood friends, I look forward to living up among the tree-tops. The birds will be within paw-snatching reach from my balcony. There is always someone going in and out, and since people-watching is my favorite pastime I will be constantly entertained!

The first thing I have to do is NOT shred the carpet or tangle and collapse the blinds. There is this thing called a “Pet Fee”  my owner mentioned, costing between $100-$250 up front. IF I don’t do my usual destruction, the money can go towards a new kitty condo for me at Christmas. IF I do go all kung-fu crazy,  then I will be out on the curb with the garbage on Thursday night. (Isn’t that an awful thing to tell me? Now I am going to have a complex whenever the garbage bags get dragged toward the door).

The other interesting  feature of my new community is a thing called a “Dog Park.” I read all about it on-line and was SHOCKED that there is no CAT PARK. Not even a CAT TREE in the Dog Park! What is wrong with these apartment people, catering to the animal that will poop anywhere, in public, and lick his butt afterward?

When we move, the other issue will be giving up my kitty-door. Apartment communities have a RULE that cats have to stay inside at all times (good luck with that). Rules don’t apply to me, Slider-Super-Cat, and I will be lounging on my balcony all sunny-day long!

So, if you want to find me in my new digs, grab your binoculars and look up!

And if you want to find an apartment that caters to cats (or dogs) check out these websites:

The Low-Down On Triangle Dog Parks


Does your dog enjoy frolicking with other dogs?

Does he want to greet every pooch that comes his way?

Then it may be time to discover one of  the Triangle’s Dog Parks.

Key things to consider about your dog before you go:

1. His temperament (does he get along well with others? Tolerate all sizes and energy levels)?
2. His eating habits (if he enjoys eating poop then you will have to be vigilante)
3. His vaccination records (is he up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, etc)?

Also note, not all dog parks are free and some require you to pick up a permit/pass ahead of time.


CARY (1 Park)
Cary Gobold Dog Park
2050 NW Maynard Rd
Cary, NC 27513
(919) 469-9142
*Fee:  $40 for Cary residents (1 dog only) and $80 for non-Cary residents
Not open to general public. Must have dog registered with Town of Cary. Registered pass allows entry through electronic gate.
Hours: 7 am to 10 pm 7 days/week
Amenities:  Five-foot high chain link fence with screening, paved entrance & electronic gate
Lighted areas for small dogs and for large dogs
Wood chips for ground cover
Water stations
Information kiosk
Pet cleanup areas

Homestead Dog Park
100 Northern Park Drive
(919) 968-2787
Hours:  Daily, dawn to dusk
*No Fee
Amenities: Very large 20,000 square foot, high fence, water stations, benches, large rocks for dogs to play on

Southern Community Park
1000 Dogwood Acres Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Amenities: 2 acres, separate small and large dog areas, benches, water

DURHAM (4 Parks)
Durham Dog Park
400 Cleveland St
Durham, NC, US 27701
(919) 560-4355
Fees: Annual registration.  Residents: $17
Non-City Residents: $22
Multiple Dog Discount: $2 off fee for second (and each additional) dog
Amenities: Water, Benches, Waste Bag Dispenser
This fenced, off-leash dog park is one of the largest in the area. Four separate areas for small dogs, large dogs, and training and obedience.

Downtown Durham Dog Park
A “paw-ket” park located at the corner of Roxboro and Elliott streets.
*Separate areas for small and large dogs
*No Fee, open to public
Amenities: Benches, Waste Bag Dispenser, Water
*Please note, this park is maintained by the local neighborhood.

North Gate Dog Park
Address: 400 W Lavender Ave, Durham, NC 27704
Phone:(919) 560-4355
Amenities: water spigots, both small and large dog play area

Pineywood Park
400 E. Woodcroft Pkwy
Durham, NC 27
*No Fee, open to all
Amenities: 3 Acres of play space,  Benches, Waste Bag Dispenser, Water
Has separate small dog park (under 30 lbs)

RALEIGH (3 Parks)   
Carolina Pines Dog Park
2305 Lake Wheeler Road
Raleigh, NC 27603
*No Fee, open to public
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 7 days/week
Amenities:Water available, picnic tables, *Almost entirely shaded, large area
Three separate areas: Large dog park, Small dog park , and a training area where the Wake County SPCA will do training.

Millbrook Dog Park
1905 Spring Forest Rd,
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 872-4156
Hours: Sunrise – 10 pm 7 days/week

Oakwood Dog Park
910 Brookside Drive
Raleigh, NC 27604
**Free to the public (sunrise to sundown)
Both small and large dog play area
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 7 days/week