Bird Brain


Do you know why cats love to watch birds?

Because they make the best high-pitched noises!

They are jumpy, quirky and never still!

Most of all, they appeal to our  predator instincts!

Their movements are startling and they come right up to the window (!) oblivious to my twitching kitty whiskers pressed close.

The bright red Cardinal is the state bird of North Carolina, so easy to see against the dreary brown branches of winter.Male-Northern-Cardinal

If you hear me emit a low growl as I bird watch, it’s the excitement bubbling out my throat and I just can’t control what will happen next!

I might jump at the window, or sit for hours with my tail twitching, as I visualize the soft feathery neck between my teeth.

A bird like toy you may want to pick up for me: Da Bird.

This cat toy consists of a 36″ rod, nylon string and feathers that mimic the action of a real bird in flight. It costs around $3 and can be found at any pet store, including :
Natural Pet Discount Super Store

I do have one worry: They said on the news that “New studies have shown that several songbird species have been suffering badly as a result of rising levels of predation.

Population declines of the tree sparrow (down 89 per cent), bullfinch (down 56 per cent) and house sparrow (down 74 per cent) have all been blamed on (increased predators) and the resurgence of the sparrowhawk in both rural and urban areas.”

Oh no! Will I look out my window one day and see only grey branches?

Do your part, pet owners, and PLEASE keep your kitties inside.

If they insist on venturing out, make sure they wear a bell on their collar to warn birds of their approach.

Hey, I don’t want to be bossy, but do I also don’t want to lose my whistling, chirping, hopping BIRDIES!!