Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are like toddlers; they are lively, curious, teething and they are mobile!                                  20130217-111413

This combination can lead the puppy into serious trouble unless you use preventive measures.

It is impossible to anticipate everything that may peak your puppy’s interest, but here are some suggestions to help you get started.
• Confine your puppy to a safe area inside and keep doors and windows closed and screened for safety.
• Never leave your puppy unsupervised unless confined. Puppies will investigate, wander, chew, and soil when left to their own devices.
• Never let your puppy on balconies, upper porches, high decks, and stairs.
• Make sure that cleaning supplies, paint, fertilizer, poisons and other chemicals are inaccessible, preferably on high, locked shelves.
• Remove toxic houseplants or place out of puppy’s reach. Make sure that you pick up any dead leaves that may fall from hanging plants.
• Keep toilet lids down to prevent the puppy from drinking the water and/or having the toilet lid fall on their head or neck.
• Unplug, remove or cover any electrical cords . Chewing cords can cause severe mouth burns, electrocution, or fires. Do not line the puppy’s bed with electric blankets or heating pads.
•Cover electrical outlets with covers when not in use.
• Never give your puppy medications, flea/ heartworm prevention, or dewormers without first consulting your veterinarian.
• Always know where your puppy is. Assume that the puppy will be underfoot, and be extra careful to avoid stepping on puppy and/or injuring yourself by falling.       •Check to be sure that puppy gates and crate doors are absolutely secure before leaving your home. Walk your fence line to look for holes in or under the fence which may provide an escape route for a curious pup.
• Never leave the puppy unattended with children or other pets.
• Keep everything off of the floor. Assume that the puppy will chew and/or swallow every item that he/she can.
Enjoy your puppy!

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