Mugging for the Camera

I am an extremely jealous cat today – there is an ugly fur ball stealing all my glory on the Internet! Her face is in a permanent frown and she answers to: Grumpy cat.  The cat has big eyes, a bobble head, a silly-short tail – how is that cute?Her owner went on TV to explain that she is not sad or grumpy at all – her permanently grumpy-looking face is due to feline dwarfism. So now we have a Grumpy Cat… that isn’t even grumpy!! Here is the website:

I just don’t get this whole Internet animal sensation. Why can’t that be me? Do I need to shave my fur into a mohawk? Or fall from 20 stories and land on a moving vehicle?

I have a gorgeous smile on my fluffy face and no-one is offering to pay for ads on  my website! Maybe I need to get a pet agent. Yep, there are actually pet agents:
that can help you land gigs, commercials, print ads, etc.  Animal Actors International is a good place to check out if you want to be in movies, ads or live performance.

Personally, I think that starting with my mug in a calendar would help my ego tremendously, so I am entering the Wellness Pet Food monthly competition. When I contacted them, an agent said pets with quirky features stand out in the crowd. So I headed over to the wall mirror, and upon closer inspection, determined my right nostril might be a bit small and I have two different colored eyes! I continued to gaze with narcissism at my lovely reflection, and realized I may need a professional pet photographer to really capture my best side!

The best place to get pet photos in Raleigh is called In between the Blinks.  I love her statement that “Photos tell the stories of our lives and I love to capture the moments that we all sometimes miss in the blink of an eye and the magic in between “.  Hopefully, the entertainment industry and internet world will take notice of my Slider Shots… coming soon to a billboard near you!

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