MISSING: Companion of 31 Years. Little Green Man.

Beautiful green parrot in the rainforest , Yasuni National Park,MISSING: Companion of 31 years. Little green man. Prone to fits of cursing when stressed. Petey the Parrot. Call: (734) 555-5555.

Believe it or not, I just returned from vacationing in a town where a missing parrot was now commanding a $1500 reward for capture and return! He had been with the family for 20 years!

Throughout the week I would catch glimpses of fliers and posters in the boarded – up shops. A bird with a crazy cowlick of feathers spraying up behind his foreboding image.Petey simply up and left his owner when she opened the door for company. Perhaps it was a desperate attempt to be with like-minded birds singing outside in the Oak tree. Or maybe it was simply the instinctive urge to soar free. Either way, when the opportunity presented itself, the parrot surged forward and seized it by the tail-feathers!

What should you do if your pet goes missing? lost-dog-flyer

Step 1. Make sure to have a microchip put in your pet – they are tiny transponders, about the size of a grain of rice, that can be implanted in your pet’s skin by many veterinarians and animal shelters. They are designed to work for 25 years!

Step 2. Find a photo of your pet looking cute and make fliers to post around the neighborhood and any nearby parks.

Step 3. Offer a reward, even a minimal amount will incentivize neighbors to pursue your pet should they glimpse him

Step 4. Continue to check with local Animal Shelters to see if he has been turned in or captured by Animal Control

Step 5. Contact the National Pet Recovery Hotline (1-800-252-7894)

and/or a service that investigates and tracks missing and sometimes stolen pets:


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