How Fast Did That Dog Just Go?

Speedy Irish Setter Running
So, if you have ever been out-gunned by your dog in a race, read on…

The average human runs at 12-15 mph. Even Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth, ran at only 23 mph for 100 meters. In comparison, the average household dog runs at around 25 mph.
When considering the five dogs listed below, average humans are downright tortoise-like!

These five fastest canines are sure to impress you:

1. The African Wild Dog (Aka Cape Hunting Dog) can run at speeds of over 45 mph. The Wild dogs hunt in packs, sometimes pursuing their prey at top speeds for 10 to 60 minutes. They have an unusual foot with 4 toes instead of 5, and very long muscular legs built to power-up for speed. With an 80% success rate when hunting, it is this genetic advantage of speed that makes them such good hunters. Unfortunately, they are now on the endangered species list in much of South East Africa.

2. The Greyhound’s speed over 100 meters is 43 mph, just slightly behind the Wild Dog. Much has been made of the Greyhounds ability to accelerate faster than almost any animal – covering 59 feet per second – just slightly slower than the Cheetah. This dog’s body combines “long, powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build to attain it’s top speed within six strides from a standstill! Greyhounds did not develop as naturally, though, and have been bred for over 200 years to participate in coursing and races.

3. The Saluki is a cousin of the Greyhound and has been clocked at 43 mph as well, It is a desert sight hunter, chasing down gazelle and antelope. It lives in areas surrounding Turkey and is the Royal Dog of Egypt! They are an ancient breed, with “their pictures appearing in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 2100 BC. ”

4. The Whippet was bred from mixing Italian Greyhounds and Terriers to produce a smaller, quicker dog that could successfully catch rabbits and rats. It has been clocked at 37 mph and was frequently raced on tracks in England.

5. Grey Wolves have also been clocked at speeds of 35 mph when hunting. They are considered the descendants of wild dogs that followed humans around, feeding off scraps from their hunt. They frequently gave up their lone hunting for a more reliable scavenging off human kills.

*It is worth noting that conflicting sources listthe Russian Borzoi as faster than the Border Collie. Both are in contention for the next fastest canine at speeds of around 30 mph.

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