When a Cat Discovers Snow!


I was peering out the window, zeroing in on a tweety-bird, when what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A thousand white, floaty things obscuring my vision!

Are they bugs? Itty bitty birds?

Odd that they only fly down to the ground. Maybe they are edible?

No, my tingly cat-senses tell me these white floaties aren’t alive. I must investigate…

With my tail twitching in anticipation, I leap to the door and meow.

Curiosity is getting the better of me and I must get outside.

First, to verify that the floaties are not edible. Second, to determine if they are dangerous -don’t want to waste one of my nine lives.

After louder, more frequent yeowling my owner finally opens the door, and I advance with caution, tail twitching.

Every smart predator will tell you that half the battle is stalking your prey, anticipating what it will do next. The white floaties have no scent, which is frustrating, so I use my eyes to gage their next move.

They always fall down, and then huddle into piles on the ground.

My best guess is to single out a few in mid-air and catch them in my paw for closer inspection.

I dart out of my hiding place, wildly scrambling on the slippery driveway, all four paws flying through the air.

My surprise attack turns into a skid as I bring down the floaties – but wait!

The minute I catch one, it disappear, leaving behind only a wet spot!

This makes me very angry, and I shake each paw vigorously.

Mommy appears at the doorway, laughing and calling out “Don’t you like the snow, Slider?”


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