There is a BUG in my house!

Cat Playing With Bug

Good morning little rolly-polly-bug! I just love batting you around like a ball, then pouncing on top of you so you cannot escape! My hunter instincts have kicked in, and I will hide around the corner, waiting for you to start creeping forward again. With tail whipping, nose twitching, I count under my breath: “One, two, three, ATTACK!” My spring-loaded back legs launch me five feet over to your unsuspecting buggy body. I love Pill bugs (armadillidium vulgare) that curl up, making it easy to roll them around the floor! Whap whap, the little rolling bug shoots down the hallway and right up next to a fierce looking Earwig! Those pincers out front look scary, but earwigs do not sting nor are they dangerous – the pincers can only grab-on to things.

Here comes the dog! I quickly duck into the bathroom and discover a couple centipedes. They have 15 pairs of legs that detach when attacked by a predator (like me). Oh rats, he disappeared under the bath mat (they love moist spaces). Crawling behind the toilet, I find another centipede munching on another bug. Although the centipede’s prey is killed through an injection of venom, their bite rarely induces serious effects in animals. They can quickly become an infestation, so I will have to notify my owner about these lots-o-legs bugs!

Finishing up my bug patrol in the house, I head over to the fireplace in the den. Yep, just saw my big buddy Roachie skitter into the fireplace. My owner delicately calls them “palmetto bugs” but I know the truth: long antennae, 6-jointed legs, dark brown to reddish coloring, WINGS equals American Cockroach! Their hard shell makes it easy to pick them up in my mouth. I accidentally bit the head clean off of one roach, and the body skittered away under the sofa. Needless to say, my owner freaked out and demanded right then that I re-home the roach by carrying it over to our neighbors wood pile.

Returning to my yard, I check to make sure no flies follow me in through the flap of my kitty door. “Meow” I politely say to her, meaning “Bug’s are all disposed of – it’s time for my treat”.

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