Are You Awake? (Or, Why I Wake Up Before Dawn)

Walk With A Cat.

Yes, that scratching at your bedroom door is not the boogeyman – it is far worse…

It is your wild and crazy cat!

I will meow and wail until I hear your lovely voice cry out -ah-ha! I got what I wanted – attention.

I will pace and race around the rooms, knocking off knick-knacks and clearing the counters of any small objects to make disturbing noises.

I will flex each paw, popping out individual nails carefully honed to make the most offensive scratching ever heard. Over. And Over. And Over on your closed door.

Finally, I will get fed.

Why? Is it that you appreciate my exciting tricks and sound-making factory? Or are you desperate for a few minutes of quiet?

I understand that you MIGHT want another solution to my wee-hour antics? So though it pains me, here are my TOP THREE ideas:

1. Let me out on a screened in porch where I can chase bugs.

2. Let me out on a LEASH while you garden. PetSmart makes a great adjustable harness that I can’t get out of easily. (Use a long nylon leash that won’t get tangled).

3. Provide me with a playmate! Even thought I am independent, I am also lonely. It is a myth that cat’s don’t need anyone around and are “just fine” being home alone all day.

According to that VET you send me to I am “Sleeping too much during the day, home alone too often, and in need of stimulation. Your cat is bored ma’am…” (well DUH).
“…this leads to being awake at night and FIRED UP in the morning.”

Some good interactive play with me at night well help wear me out (laser pointer, small ball, dragging a string).

Are you still awake?

Then you just might want to reread this article and invest in one of my TOP THREE ideas.

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