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Lois, the owner of Four Paws Pet Sitting Services worked as a travel agent in the 1980’s with the Mooring Yacht Charter Company in Clearwater, Florida.
She grew up in South Florida and the Caribbean was her 2nd home.
She always loved her pets, boating, scuba diving and snow skiing. (Yes, a snow skier from Florida)
In 2003, Lois started Four Paws and in 2010 she started Travel 4 Fun Now.
She thought the combination of pet sitting and travel was a perfect combo since she was already pet sitting for clients that are traveling.HK
Lois’ husband, Harold is also a travel agent and they will work together to find your perfect vacation, family reunion, wedding, honeymoon, getaway, whatever you are looking for!
We want to create experiences you will remember for a life-time!

Travel 4 Fun Now is a full service travel agency and Lois or Harold can book cruises, all inclusive resorts, group travel and anything in between.
When you book pet sitting and travel for the same time period and not just air, we will give you a 15% discount on your pet sitting! You can’t beat that!!
So what are you waiting for?
Contact us by going to the “Schedule your free Meet n’ Greet” (right side of this page) and choosing Book Travel on the drop down menu OR go to our website.

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